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Google Ads Strategist [Certified Google Partner]

Are you investing a lot in Google Ads but not seeing the results? You are in the same situation as over 90% of advertisers on Google. Using Google Ads is NOT simple. It needs to be managed by a professional Ads manager to perform.

I have been handling the management of Ads campaigns on Google since 2012 and I am a Google Ads Strategist Certified Google Partner. Professional creation and management of advertising campaigns on the Google Ads platform (formerly Google AdWords): clear and transparent prices, no hidden costs, no endless contracts.

Google Ads Management Cost

The service includes everything necessary for the implementation of a Google AdWords campaign that brings REAL results:

  1. Competitors study.
  2. Keywords and matches analysis.
  3. Definition of the audience.
  4. Choice of strategy: search network, display, mobile apps, remarketing, etc.
  5. Creation of campaigns, ad groups, ads, extensions, etc.
  6. Setting of bids, conversions, etc.
  7. Creation of landing pages (if the website is not adequate, price to be agreed).
  8. Management and optimization + monthly reporting.

How much does it cost?

I offer clear and affordable prices, you pay ONLY THE FEE:

  1. Quarterly contract.
  2. The initial campaign setup is free.
  3. The monthly fee is 10% of the expenditure in the concerned month with a minimum of 200€ /month:
    • Ex. 1: with an expenditure of 4,550€, the fee for the month will be 455€
    • Ex. 2: with an expenditure of 1,990€, the fee for the month will be 200€
    • Ex. 3: with an expenditure of 500€, the fee for the month will be 200€
  4. The price list is the same even for e-commerce and multilingual sites.

I ask for a quarterly contract as it is the minimum period to implement a proper Google Ads campaign, optimize it, and see the first real results.

Comparison with agencies

Agencies generally ask for about 300/500€ for the initial setup, a monthly fee from 15% to 20% of the expenditure with a minimum from 250€ to 300€ and a (at least) six-month contract.

Me Standard agency
Setup - 300/500€
Fee (%) 10% 15/20%
Fee (base) 200€ 250/300€
Contract 3 months 6/12 months

Agencies have employees to pay at the end of the month (or they pay external professionals like me), more expenses and more taxes to pay, so it's normal that they have higher costs than mine.

Do not trust the junk agencies that offer slashed prices (even if very famous and advertised), as the service is often decidedly poor.

Free Google Ads Account Analysis

I offer a FREE and no-obligation Google Ads account analysis for AdWords customers who want to answer questions like:

  • - "Am I wasting my budget?",
  • - "Why am I not getting the number of leads and sales I'm looking for?",
  • - "Why is my click-through rate (CTR) so low?".

The analysis is performed directly by me and it's free.

Request Free Analysis

In the blog section you can find some tips to optimize your Google Ads campaigns. Alternatively, I can manage your Google Ads account directly.

Google Ads Management Benefits

Unfortunately, most people (and agencies) using Google AdWords do it wrong.

Entrusting a professional for the management of Google Ads allows you to optimize all elements, target the right prospects, get a higher ad ranking and eliminate waste.

  1. Cost reduction.
  2. Increasing sales.

IMPORTANT! I work using the customer's Google Ads account (if they don't have one, I assist them in opening one), so all data belongs to the customer.

Don't get fooled by those who work unethically.


What advantages can a Google Ads consultant offer to my business?

As a Google Ads consultant, I can offer you numerous advantages. Firstly, I will work closely with you to thoroughly understand your business, goals, and target audience. With this information, I will develop a customized strategy for your Google Ads campaigns.

My main goal will be to maximize the return on your online advertising investment. I will optimize your campaigns to improve the visibility of your brand, increase qualified traffic to your website, and consequently, boost conversions and sales. I will constantly work on optimizing bids and selecting the most relevant keywords for your industry to achieve significant results.

How will you determine the most suitable advertising strategy for my business?

To determine the most suitable advertising strategy for your business, I will start with a comprehensive analysis. I will ask targeted questions to fully understand your goals, target market, and the strengths of your business. I will also analyze the competition and market trends to identify strategic opportunities.

Based on this information, I will design a personalized strategy that makes the best use of the resources at your disposal. This may include a combination of text ads, display ads, video ads, and remarketing to effectively engage your target audience.

What is the budget required to start a Google Ads campaign?

The budget required varies based on the size of your campaigns and the objectives you wish to achieve. As a Google Ads consultant, my commitment is to maximize the return on your budget. I will work with you to establish a realistic and sustainable budget, constantly optimizing your campaigns to get the maximum value possible.

We could also start with a more modest budget, and as the campaigns show positive results, we can increase investments to expand reach and growth opportunities.

How long will it take to see results from Google Ads campaigns?

The time required to see results can vary depending on several factors, including your market niche, competition, and the effectiveness of the advertising strategy. Generally, some businesses begin to notice significant improvements in their conversion metrics and traffic after a few weeks of campaign activity.

However, it is important to emphasize that Google Ads campaigns require a long-term strategic approach. I will continue to closely monitor the performance of your campaigns and make targeted adjustments to optimize results over time.

How will you measure the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns?

I will measure the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns using advanced analytical tools. I will monitor various key metrics, including click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per conversion (CPA), and return on investment (ROI).

In addition to standard metrics, I will provide you with detailed reports on the performance of your campaigns and explain the meaning of the data collected. This will help us evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy and make informed decisions to further optimize the campaigns and achieve your advertising goals.

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