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I met Cristian through a recommendation from an acquaintance. After discussing, evaluating, and analyzing the SEO and optimization work to be done, he dedicated himself 100% with competence and passion. In a short time, he brought our website to the top positions in various search engines. This has greatly increased our sales. From an economic point of view, I am very satisfied because I have found an honest person. Well done Cristian, keep it up.

Dario Tognoli, American Wheels

It's rare nowadays in Italy to find serious and reliable people. Cristian stands out from the competition for the genuine passion he puts into his work and his unique ability to fully understand the requests and needs of his clients. He is competent and willing to explain notions of web design and internet indexing in a simple and clear way. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a web sector professional!

Megan Gherbovetcaia

Cristian is a serious, available, and reliable professional. He is always up to date on the developments of SEO and SEM, subjects of which he has a deep knowledge and passion.

Carlo Bonfadini, Padana Emmedue s.r.l.

Cristian is an excellent resource as well as a delightful person, I place esteem and trust in him.

Marco Lazzaroni, Lazzaroni s.r.l.

Cristian Frialdi is highly recommended, professional and understanding in this tragic moment for everyone. He never left me even in the tragedy, so he deserves all the possible praises. My site has started to generate contacts, conversions, the phone finally rings, customers are coming in, and things are starting to improve. Thank you Cristian... from the bottom of my heart!

Guglielmo Perrotta, PC Save s.r.l.

I recommend Cristian, he listened to my requests and successfully helped me in optimizing my website!

Avv. Riccardo Zanon, Studio Zanon

Simple, friendly, and helpful are adjectives that have been lost in the world of work, but with Cristian, I was able to find these values again. The quality-price ratio of the service he proposed to me was excellent, tailored to my "particular" needs due to the necessity to position myself in different languages. I recommend him to anyone looking for a good and honest SEO expert!

Michele Fiasco

After a year of collaboration, I can finally say that thanks to Cristian, my turnover has almost tripled. Hooray!! I was just talking about it today with my accountant.. So I can consider myself enormously satisfied with the choice I made last year. I hope that this wonderful relationship can last for many more years. Thank you.

Selene Corrinici

The quality-price ratio of the service offered is excellent, especially in relation to the results obtained. Being specialized in one-time services, he stands out quite a bit from other SEO agencies. I will definitely use the service offered by Cristian in the future as well.

Marco Orlandini

A really capable young man, great results, unlike others he doesn't promise the moon but dedicates himself assiduously to his work; our website has been followed for almost two years now and we are very happy with the results obtained, highly recommended!

Attestato SOA

The thing that interests every company that invests on the web is certainly the turnover. Thanks to Cristian, today I can say that I made the right choice by choosing him.

Filippo Migliorati

I recommend anyone who needs to create a website or related marketing activities such as SEO or advertising campaigns to turn to Cristian. Reliable, serious, professional, and competent.

Mirko, Gm-Bh

He is a very serious professional, but also very kind, flexible and capable of understanding your needs and accommodating you as much as he can. In a short time, he optimized my site and I am already seeing the results. I recommend him 100%!

Federica Abba

Cristian Frialdi stands out for his courtesy, professional preparation, and quality of service offered even in short periods of time. Definitely recommended.

Claudio Antonuccio

In a sector where we often come across sellers of hot air, Cristian definitely has 2 or 3 more gears. Professional, available, and qualified. Recommended!

Alexia, Fotografa Verona

GREAT JOB! Cristian quickly understands what the client needs and does everything to satisfy him. I am satisfied with the work done and I will definitely know who to ask when I need help again.

Pierangelo Bresciani

I needed SEO consulting to position my website as a photographer. Cristian is very professional, he guided me step by step in optimizing and helped me reach new contacts that I didn't believe I could have on Google.

Jodi Riva

Great SEO professional and great job positioning my site. He also helped me optimize advertising on Adwords without asking for anything extra. I definitely recommend him.

Marco Rossetti

We had Cristian create our new website because the previous one was not optimized for mobile devices. The job was well done, we are very satisfied.

Wit srl

I met Cristian a couple of years ago and from time to time I have him work on my website which he built following my directions. He is knowledgeable, punctual, available, and charges honest prices. I thank him.

Cova Filippo, Cova Divise

Cristian is helping my company to be more visible on the web. Serious, competent, and professional. Recommended!

Marco Lucci

We have been working in synergy for months and with his work my business has had considerable benefits. Serious but above all competent.

Piergiorgio Martorana, Centro Medico Sant'Antonio

High competence underlies a consulting service that often exceeds what has been agreed and paid.

Francesco Arena

I was very satisfied with the results obtained with my site. I recommend Cristian to everyone.

Antonella Genkova

I am very satisfied with the service received! Fast, comprehensive, and functional.

Federico Ravasi

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