Cristian Frialdi

SEO & Google Ads since 2012

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SEO Consultant & Google Ads Manager

I began my journey in 2012, fueled by a dream: to support other businesses in navigating the vast expanse of the online world. This passion has now shaped my career, guiding me in turning dreams into defined goals and those goals into significant triumphs.

I've had the opportunity to work with a multitude of local, national, and international businesses. I've assisted these enterprises in finding their voice, their place, and helped them to thrive in diverse sectors such as law, medicine, industry, IT, tourism, fashion, and many others.

As an SEO consultant with over a decade of experience, I've honed my skills to effectively position businesses on Google. But I don't stop at SEO. Since 2014, I've been a Google Ads Strategist certified by Google Partner. This means I can create customized marketing strategies, utilizing all the tools that Google offers, to ensure your business is seen by the right audience at the right time.

It's not just the numbers that drive my work, but the passion for what I do, the desire to overcome each challenge, and the satisfaction of seeing my clients' businesses thrive. I firmly believe that every business, big or small, has incredible potential. My goal is to help you realize this potential.

If you're seeking a partner who looks beyond just the data, one who commits to understanding your business and your audience, and who can guide you towards success in the complex world of the web, then you're in the right place.

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